Do you need to determine the ideal soil moisture to maintain healthy trees?  The flexible aquaflex sensor can be installed in a variety of configurations; horizontally to directly measure soil moisture in the root-zone at that depth, on an angle to give a depth profile, in a coil to go around the root ball of trees or in a loop to fit in a confined space.

The aquaflex soil moisture sensor provides the grower with accurate soil moisture and temperature information to assist them to optimise the profitability and quality of any irrigated crop.

Aquaflex is a robust and flexible moisture sensor that is 3m in length and can be installed in a variety of configurations to suit the application.

Save water

By measuring the soil moisture, you will irrigate only when the crop needs it, saving you water, time and energy costs.

Optimise production

Crop yields can be improved by balancing soil moisture and temperature with irrigation application. The correct timing and amount of irrigation will minimise the onset of any disease in the crop.

Assist with difficult Irrigation Management Decisions

Without accurate soil moisture data it is almost impossible to determine the current situation and what the best course of action may be.

Environmental Stewardship

Installing a soil moisture monitoring system will help you prove your environmental management systems are robust.